What are we offering?

  • Ready-made programme or a programme made from your selected songs.
  • 2-5 best soloists or even the whole chamber choir.
  • Programmes from 5 minutes up to 2 hours long.
  • Pop, jazz, folksongs or classical pieces.
  • In addition instrumental programmes on piano or accordion.

Why us?

  • We can sing anywhere and in any weather.
  • Our singing make the sun shine and bring down all the stars.
  • Not a cat choir, but a first-class choir.
  • We have a wide international performace experience (Japan, USA, Belgium, Russia etc.).
  • Exotic songs also in less-known languages (e.g. Greek, Turkish, Indonesian etc.).
  • We offer music for dancing, creating a specific atmosphere or just as a background.
  • Always warm and friendly.
Maria-MarikaThe choir and Neeme Public House have been bound together for a long time and we have had many lovely moments and concerts together. Year by year we have become like a family. The young women and men who sing in the Hellas choir know the art of singing very well. It is always a pleasure to work with them!
Maria-Marika Kurvet, Head of Culture in the Neeme Public House