Why You should choose the chamber choir Hellas?

  • The worlds greatest companions.
  • Friendships with other choirs and international relationships give opprtunities to travel in the world.
  • Not just the popular ethnic and well-known songs, but also music pieces in exotic languages and emotions.
  • The main focus is on voice placing and developing your voice.
  • Every singer can intensively develop their soloist skills.
  • Many opportunities for practicing performing and encouragement for creating your own music.

What is expected of You?

  • A kind companion
  • Determination
  • Desire to sing
  • Cheerfulness and enjoyment
OlgaIn Hellas you are welcomed by a superb combination of high-quality training, great conductors and pleasant companions. I have already been singing here for 15 years and will be here in the future. You should join us!
Olga Timmermann, Soloist and the Choir’s Contact Person
MerilySinging in the chamber choir has enriched my life with music and many lively people. Thanks to various performance opportunities, I have gained more confidence and courage which both benefit also my work and personal life.
Merily Roopärg, Choir’s Administrator