“To build the future, we need to know the past…”


In May 2014 two year singing school cycle ended and in September 2014 Chamber Choir Hellas was created.

Chamber Choir Hellas includes young men and women who have chosen to commit themselves to singing and personal development in music in addition to their everyday school and work lives. You will meet creative people who will take you with them to take part in interesting experiences – in addition to music studies we meet at singing gatherings, exciting concert tours and organize other cool activities. Thanks to friendships with other choirs and different music organizations we also perform abroad and participate in different projects.

In our singers we expect especially their great internal passion for singing and music as well as their will and sense of commitment.


At the MLLM Spring Family Day (May 2013)

In September 1st 2012 Singing School Hellas was created. Students learned solo and ensemble singing, speech technique and solfeggio.

Performance experience was gained through vast concert activities and different musical performances. All the students participated in mandatory choir activities. Singing school was considered graduated after fulfilment of programme, which is certified by graduating document.

About Final Exams

Our two-year course of soloists ended on May 28th 2014 with the concert-exam of Hellas where 13 students performed. A classical or modern piece was performed by every student together with Bohemian Rhapsody (F. Mercury) and Africa (D. Paich, J. Porcaro) by the choir.

The level of young singers was evaluated in 10-point scale by the committee:

  • Toomas Kuter – singer and writer, president of Pärnu international young opera singers contest.
  • Merike Viilup – consultant of media, head of media at Pärnu International Opera Music Festival PromFest.
  • Kadi Toom – singer and musician.
  • Ludmilla Kõrts – opera soloist.
  • Marit Mõistlik-Tamm – lecturer at Music department of Tallinn University, Ph. D. of Educational Sciences.
  • Nelja Turu – principal of Mustamäe Laste Loomingu Maja.
  • Anneli Surva – conductor and music teacher.

By the final results based on the average value of the evaluation by every member of committee, the best students were assessed to be Kristiina Valdman, Maia Mägi and the trio formed of Olga Timmermann, Kristiina Valdman and Merily Roopärg (average result of 9,71 points). Additionally, the committee gave comments about lots of other singers as well (Evely Heldring, Olga Timmermann, Mari Liis Pedak, Merily Roopärg, Simona Krivorukova and many others).

All the graduates continued singing in the Chamber Choir Hellas the next season.

HELLAS from 1990s until 2012

Back then Hellas was a group of appr. 50 singers formed of students mainly from Tallinn and the vicinity. The choir learned over 400 choral works, three children’s operas and two musicals were performed on stage.
At least one musical performance was premiered each years:

  • 2001 – children’s musical “Kõige ilusam” (“The Most Beautiful”).
  • 2002 – children’s opera “Mörkö” by Finnish composer Marietta Pokela.
  • 2003 – musical composition formed of Indonesian songs.
  • 2004 – the audience was astonished by nursery songs from Turkey.

Most of this repertoire can be found in the archive of Eesti Raadio and the children’s opera “Laevareis” (“Ship Voyage”) by M. Pokela which was presented on Estonian television with the consent of the author.

In addition, the choir has participated in different competitions, almost all of the song festival concerts and has given concerts in many Estonian cities. The concert tours have gone through many European countries (Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Belgium, Russia, Latvia). The choir has been hosted in the United States twice. Participation in a festival in South Africa was especially successful. In 2009 a smaller group took part in a concert tour to St. Petersburg to perform for diplomats of international branches.

In 2005 the childrens choir was created for the aftergrowth.

In 2012 Singing School Hellas was established for better and more variegated musical preparation. It was formed of former members of children’s and youth choir. The program included exams in addition to performance experience.


In 1986 a children and youth choir HELLAS was established in Tallinn under the Mustamäe Laste Loomingu Maja. The founder and acting head conductor is Aleksander Kaidja.

Concert in Belgium (1992)