The Cheerful Family of Hellas (Spring 2014)

Are you, your friends or family looking for a place to sing? In that case, you are at the right place! Chamber Choir Hellas is the best choice for You!

Chamber Choir Hellas includes young men and women who have chosen to commit themselves to singing and personal development in music in addition to their everyday school and work lives. You will meet creative people who will take you with them to take part in interesting experiences – in addition to music studies we meet at singing gatherings, exciting concert tours and organize other cool activities. Thanks to friendships with other choirs and different music organizations we also perform abroad and participate in different projects.

What do we offer in chamber choir:

  • Vocal training (every reherseal starts with it in order to develop our voices and protect it from using it incorrectly).
  • Speech training (so that others could understand what we are singing about ;)).
  • Solfeggio (so that you know, where we are in the song).
  • Performance experience (so that you can let other enjoy your beautiful voice).
  • Best of friends (you will be willing to follow them through thick and thin, believe it).
  • Wonderful conductors (come and see how experienced and professional they really are).

If you appreciate quality in learning, good friends and you like to see smiling faces around you, then you are welcome to join our family! :)

The rehearsals are being held on Wednesdays and Fridays from 6.45 PM till 8.15 PM.